Scottish Wedding Vows


Bringing the ceremony traditions of the Scottish Highlands to your Bullhead City celebration!

Rev. Christopher MacFarlane Tuttle (FSA, Scot)

Scottish Wedding Vows; Romantic ~ Traditional ~ Scottish!

Rev. Christopher MacFarlane Tuttle (FSA, Scot) Scottish Parson - Christopher proudly wear the "Tartan of the Clergy" [Breacan nan' Cleirach]In my humble opinion, the Scottish wedding ceremony is the most beautiful way to celebrate your special day and is one of the few remaining ceremonies that stays true to its traditions. The ceremony incorporates every guest in attendance with all the spiritual and traditional acts that have long since left most contemporary ceremonies. Handfasting, The Blessing and/or presentation of the family sword, the pinning of the family tartan, the presentation of the new family kilt and many other traditions can be included in the ceremony if desired.

Rev. Christopher MacFarlane Tuttle (FSA, Scot) Scottish Parson - Christopher proudly wear the "Tartan of the Clergy" [Breacan nan' Cleirach]Do you wear a kilt? Aye! and I proudly wear the “Tartan of the Clergy” [Breacan nan’ Cleirach] with a light blue clergy collard shirt with the formal Prince Charlie. If requested, I can wear a formal tuxedo shirt and tie rather than the cleric shirt or either of my clan tartans. [By the way, the Tartan of the Clergy is the only tartan designated to an occupation rather than a clan or regiment.]

I am very proud to have created the International Society of Kilted Clergy; An association of Clergy worldwide that preserve and promote the wearing of the Tartan of the Clergy.

Can you help with vendors that specialize in Scottish wedding ceremonies? Yes, I know a few local caterers that specialize in Scottish cuisine (yes, even Haggis) and great musicians (harpists and Pipes!) I have listed many that can be viewed by clicking on the links to the left.

What are your fees? There are too many factors (date, location, etc) to state prices on the website. Let’s talk and find out what your needs are and if I am available.

Do you attend the rehearsal? I highly recommend a rehearsal if you are going to incorporate all the elements of the ceremony and there is an additional fee for time and travel. This may require additional accommodations to have me there for the rehearsal and is also based on availability. I do my best to keep fees as low as possible as I do love to perform this wonderful wedding ceremony. It is truly a passion for me!